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The Power Washing Process

Prior to painting your home, it is always advisable to clean it free of dirt and mildew.  Even if you’re not painting, you should keep your wooden or vinyl sided house clean.  Think about it in simpler terms, we clean our cars how many times a week, or month?  Living in New England we all know salt eats our cars, and to keep them in good shape we must clean them, not to mention they are much more attractive when not covered in dirt!  So wouldn’t you want to keep your house clean and attractive as well?  The mildew will eat away at your paint coating or wood, and eventually you have to spend a larger sum of money to replace rotting wood or failing paint.  Not to mention the car that costs $20,000 plus, is much less expensive than your home at $400,000 plus!  So shouldn’t we keep our larger investment clean and maintained as well?  And this is but a yearly issue, not monthly or weekly concern!

So now that we know we should clean our homes, much like a car there are several ways to do so. Typically, a power washer can be used, but do we really need 3000 PSO to do so? No, of course not- work smarter, not harder is my motto.  We prefer to apply our cleaner either through a downstream injector (adds chemicals to hose after the pump, so it mixes in downstream so to say) or we apply via a separate smaller pump.  Both systems use lower pressure, as the tip and pressure must be dialed down to allow chemicals to pick up through the injectors.  Once surface is cleaned, you can turn pressure back up to rinse the house off, and then we often do a double rinse and use a fragrant detergent after our standard wash to further clean and leave a fresh aroma, once done.  We also often use a separate pump system all together; it will run thru a standard garden hose, out a standard garden nozzle, with same pressure you will get from any standard water faucet.  This is why we can confidently say we offer a non-damaging system for older, more delicate surfaces.  We also prefer this system on wooden roofs to restore, and even asphalt roofs, to remove unsightly staining with no damage or water penetrating through inside.  We are asked many questions and I will list some of our commonly heard ones for you.

Q. Can it damage my plants?
A. This is a very common question, and I’m sorry to say the answer is yes, it can sometimes damage plantings. We do not clean with fertilizers, but if you use care and wet down plants prior, it helps immensely.  Upon completion, again rinse off lightly all plantings so anything landing on plants is diluted from pre-wetting, and cleaned free on completion.  There are more eco friendly cleaners on the market, but to date we have not found one we would recommend to properly clean and help out plants at same time.  Covering with plastic will bake the plants, and drop cloths get wet and crush them, so care and common sense helps alleviate most problems.

Q. Can you clean my house but not remove my paint at same time?
A. Yes, we can use a low pressure wash to clean your home free of dirt but not remove paint in the process.  Thus you keep your home clean and free of harmful mildews and unsightly stains.

Q. Can you make my shingles, deck, or fence to look like new again?
A. Most homes can have the gray removed from their shingles, resulting in a cleaner and newer look.  A wash will remove the dirt and mildew that is harmful to the wood, and it can be done with a low pressure wash to lessen damage to wood.  We also recommend a good sealer be applied after cleaning to add oil and preserve wood from drying out.

Q. Can you clean my vinyl or aluminum?
A. Yes.  Vinyl is not as final as some would like us to believe!  It will get dirty, it will get mildew and mold growth, and yes, it will fade in the sun as well. It can be cleaned free of dirt and mildew very easily.  Some areas of aluminum may oxidize badly over time and require hand scrubbing, but when even hand cleaning does not work, both vinyl and aluminum can be painted!  Truth be told, an aluminum sided house once painted will hold the paint better than a wooden house, as there is no moisture penetration to cause coating failure!

Q. Can I wash my house myself?
A. Yes, there are very easy ways to clean your house. A few ladders and a hand pump can clean a house if used properly.  Nut the time, effort and frustration is often more than most people are willing to deal with.  Ask an expert, check with the paint stores, or call us! Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family while we clean the house for you quickly, safely, and thoroughly?  It is very inexpensive to clean your house.  Think of it as preventative maintenance.  We can clean your house, decks, fence’s, your concrete or brick walkways, pool aprons, etc. – A clean house is a happy house!  Let us make your house happy.